Arctos (Single)

Title : Arctos
Release Date : July 2, 2016
Format : Digital Download

According to some Arctos means bear in greek and the Arctic might be named after it. The Arctic can be referred to as ‘the land under Ursa Major’ (the constellation in the northern hemisphere) also known as Big Bear. Greek mythology tells us of Callisto who was seduced by Zeus and later turned into a bear. Zeus later placed the bear in the sky. The song however is about humans destructive relationship with the environment. It’s also a love song for the winter which never arrived.”
Arctos is the first single from the upcoming solo-album written, recorded and produced by Oil My Member.

Piano, guitar, vocals: Oil My Member
Accordion: Leif Ottosson
Bass: Amelia Forsgren
Written, recorded and produced by: Oil My Member
Mixed by: Erik Berglund
Cover art by: Magnificent Beast and Oil My Member