Arctos (Single)


According to some Arctos means bear in greek and the Arctic might be named after it. The Arctic can be referred to as ‘the land under Ursa Major’ (the constellation in the northern hemisphere) also known as Big Bear. Greek mythology tells us of Callisto who was seduced by Zeus and later turned into a bear. Zeus later placed the bear in the sky. The song however is about humans destructive relationship with the environment. It’s also a love song for the winter which never arrived.”
Arctos is the first single from the upcoming solo-album written, recorded and produced by Oil My Member.

Piano, guitar, vocals: Oil My Member
Accordion: Leif Ottosson
Bass: Amelia Forsgren
Written, recorded and produced by: Oil My Member
Mixed by: Erik Berglund
Cover art by: Magnificent Beast and Oil My Member

The Birthday Session (EP)


This is the first solo release by Oil My Member. The EP contains three live recordings featuring Hanna Enlöf from Good Harvest.
Music, lyrics and production by Oil My Member, mixed and mastered by Erik Berglund.

Track list:
1. Miss Calculated
2. Snear
3. Stoned To Death By Phyllis

Oil My Member about The Birthday Session:

“I am proud to finally let go of something of my own, but I would also like to stress how much gratitude I feel for all the wonderful people who support and help me in my process.
I would like to name a few without whom I would never be in motion.

Who is one of the best guitarists and friends one could have, she is my life preserver and I am copiously grateful for having her in my life.
My brother in arms! Truly one of the most inspiring persons I’ve ever met. Thank you for the most fun and challenging collaborations that makes me grow.
Anita and Arne
For designing yours truly, and for the endless support.
For all the times you listened to me -and invited me to share your ideas and dreams.

Finally I would like to dedicate this recording to all of you who do something worthwhile, something you love -rather than writing angry comments on the internet.
Spread Love, and remember:
Art is not supposed to be self-sustaining.”

Deep Inside The Lungs Of A Whale (EP)


This is the second EP released by The Great Secret titled Deep Inside The Lungs Of A Whale Released on March 25th.
I had the honor to be tangled up in the project, providing both vocals and weirdness.



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